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«Paradise Hills»

Pendant Earrings Set


gold, diamonds, chrysolites.

№ Н-21-05-219


gold, diamonds, chrysolites.

№ Н-21-05-231

A dreamlike place that everyone has visited at some point. A place where whimsical clouds drift across the azure sky, brushing the peaks of the hills. Where birds sing sweetly in the emerald green of the garden, sometimes creating a marvelous harmony of sounds. Where flowers bloom profusely, spreading a delightful fragrance. A place of harmony, inspiration, serenity, and joy.

Crafted in gold with precious stones, the “Paradise Hills” jewelry set is elegant and captivating. The key-shaped pendant resembles the key to the Gate of Paradise, which grants access to eternal grace and infinite life. Its “crown” of myrtle petals, a plant Adam brought to the earth from the Garden of Eden, sparkles with diamonds and enchants with the deep green of chrysolite.

Diamond-studded earrings have chrysolite pendants that symbolize moral purity and one’s spiritual journey, providing soothing energy and inspiration.

Reflected in the “Paradise Hills”, the beauty of nature and the perfection of form remind us that paradise is not a place, but a state of mind achieved through love.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las