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gold, diamonds.


№ Н-22-12-395


№ Н-22-12-394

The Solaris precious set is a mysterious jewelry collection that reflects on human nature, memory, and love, inspired by the novel of the same name. The jewelry has a special value and shine because of its philosophical meaning.

The jewels are shaped like intricate structures that resemble the phenomena created by the Ocean on the planet Solaris. These phenomena represent various geometric shapes, symbols, equations, and even theories. The jewelry looks mysterious and incomprehensible, like a brilliant mathematician who operates with abstract concepts and creates his own logic.

The diamonds that sparkle on the patterns are philosophical questions about the essence of humanity, its place in the universe, its ability to know and communicate.

The Solaris jewelry collection is a fascinating science fiction story told through rich jewelry patterns made of gold and diamonds. It is similar to the work of Stanislaw Lem, which does not lose its relevance and its brilliance.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin


Photo by Dmitriy Las