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«Velvet Night»

Jewellery Set


gold, black diamonds.


№ Н-22-12-378


№ Н-23-01-011

A summer night city, when all people are asleep and only the moon and stars illuminate the path, always stirs special emotions. A feeling of freedom and joy, a different kind of tranquility. The alley adorned with lanterns and flowers that emit a velvety scent of summer, a gentle breeze that caresses the hair, the rustle of leaves and the chirping of crickets, the soft sounds of the night, like music.

Crafted by expert jewelers, the Velvet Night jewelry evokes summer, warmth and love. Reflecting the light, black diamonds create a rainbow effect on the surface of the gems, giving the accessory luxury and elegance. Witnesses of high and inspired sentiments, they do not fade even in the darkest night. Gold, radiating light and warmth, creates a special ambiance of the city enveloped by the velvet of the night.

The Velvet Night jewelry set is a glimpse of a warm summer night preserved in jewelry, which will last forever, keeping a part of the personal story of the one who wears it.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las