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«Secrets of Versailles»

Pendant Earrings Ring Set


gold, white topaz, blue topaz, diamonds, enamel

№ H-18-05-282


gold, diamonds, topazes, blue topazes, enamel

№ Н-18-05-283


gold, diamonds, topazes, blue topazes, enamel

№ Н-18-02-066

A string of stories circling the walls of Versailles has touched the hearts of aristocrats to this day, as a symbol of absolute royal power. Like the famous Palace itself, the Secrets of Versailles precious set embodies virtuosity of creative imagination of the artisans, who are able to create a luxury item that awakens the illuminated beholder in a connoisseur of the art. Like the harmonious sculptures, lacy gardens, expressive sculptural subtlety, this piece of jewelry lifts its beautiful possessor to the rank of the French Queen, by showering her with the finest scatter of diamonds and topazes. Therefore, masterly tints of precious azure enamel awaken the playful dance of the female psyche like some sprays of fountains.

And now, the Queen is ready to Shine at a ball, and her precious secret is always with her.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin