Gold Diamond Set

№ Н-19-09-674


Materials: gold, diamonds.


Materials: gold, diamonds.


Materials: gold, diamonds.

As a rule, well-executed eclecticism tends to carry elements of several styles seemingly incompatible sometimes, and its value lies in the most harmonious combination of them. This is how jazz was once formed. It mixed various sounds and melodies in its experimental polyphony into an unpredictable combination. Like music, the jewellery set of Improvisation combines Art Nouveau with its smooth lines and avant- garde with its conceptual, and even scattered, space.

According to the authors, in this work of jewellery, consisting of several items and many elements, two historical eras that followed one another have been originally united with their recognizable plasticity and lines embodied in gold and diamonds that have not faded for thousands of years. If only we knew, what our descendants would say after many centuries about these bold eclectic precious forms...

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Photo by Vladislav Filin