Enamel Gemstone Gold Ring and Earrings Set


gold, diamonds, ruby, sapphire and enamel № 667682



gold, diamonds, enamel. № Н-16-03-195

Light wings of an elegant butterfly fly upon a gold flower sprinkled with diamonds, shining with sparkling light and reflecting the gemstones: rubies that are burning with passion and tender blue sapphires. The colors of this magical enamel are sprinkled on the faces of this set of jewels. Skilfully made wavy engraving on the leave-shaped earrings is in harmony with bright contrastive butterflies. The complicated composition of this ring that is open for the world like wings of butterflies shines with elegant light. All the construction is filled with a feeling of a flight, movement, longing for freedom, for the sun and light. All these feelings make one fanciful ornament that was made by the gifted jewelers and artists.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin