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Diamond Silver Ring Earrings Set



silver, diamonds.

№ H-19-06-423/2



silver, diamonds.

№ Н-19-06-423/1

"Music brings us to the edge of eternity and gives us the opportunity to comprehend its greatness for a few minutes."

– Thomas Carlyle, the British writer

A small set of Quintet is a high revelation of music. Perfectly co-ordinated orchestra and the musical harmony is the work of artisans of the Lobortas Classic Jewellery House. Earrings and a ring made of silver, as if repeating the rhythm set by a diamond quintet. Short pauses are alternated with the emotional explosion; formal lines are superseded by fireworks of diamond sparks.

It seems that, each diamond plays its own emotional part like the orchestra. Jewelers even purposely sent diamond beams in different directions, but in general the jewellery quintet is amazingly played, so that the diamonds are united with the world and with the one, to whom this world is presented. Luxurious performance and clear jewellery geometry make a small set of Quintet a work that is impossible not to hear!

"Music, like rain, seeps drop by drop into the heart and animates it." Diamond drops of the small set of Quintet are sparkling on the strings of the soul.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las