«Vrubel's Sketches»

Diamond Sapphire Gold Earrings and Cufflinks Set


Materials: gold, white diamonds, blue sapphires.

№ H-15-10-789


Materials: gold, white diamonds, blue sapphires.

№ H-15-01-018

The precious set of Vrubel's Sketches was created in the continuation of the Double Horseshoe brooch. The brooch of Double Horseshoe is a message from the past sent by Mikhail Vrubel himself. For more than 100 years, the picture of the brooch – the only known jewellery sketch of the great artist – has lain in the storerooms of the Kiev Museum of Russian Art in an album with drawings of the Odessa period together with other outlines. The author of numerous paintings of Kiev churches created a drawing of the Double Horseshoe in 1886, considering the intertwining of two horseshoes as a symbol that brings double success. 

The brooch created by artisans of the Lobortas Classic Jewellery House, designed by M. Vrubel as an art object of world art, was donated to the State Hermitage Museum for its 250th anniversary in December 2014, and the precious set became a key element of the exclusive collection by the jewellery house of Lobortas and can enter the private collections of connoisseurs of fine arts. 

Double Horseshoe is a revived ingenious plan of the artist, who was ahead of his time. The precious set of Vrubel's Sketches is a symbol of elegance and success, where a combination of style, history and art have found their combination.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin