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Ring With Precious Stones and Amber

Collection: Zodiac Signs


gold, diamonds, rubies, amber.

№ of157

Leo is a zodiac sign of the Sun. Leo is a regal sign. Peculiar dignity, nobility, courage, ability to handle people are intrinsic to the ones who were born under it. The amber sphere in the center of the composition of the ring "Leo" by the artisans of the House "Lobortas" symbolizes the sun and its energy of creation. Amber is able to give its owner many prizes of life – good luck, strength, health, beauty and love. Amber, the heart of the sun with flaming verges, has long been prized for its energy concentrated in a huge force and special healing qualities. Semicircles of diamond halos are crowning the semantic center of the ring "Leo" composition, shading the honeyed amber sphere and enriching it magically with a diamond shine.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las