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Gold Diamond and Ruby Ring

Collection: Zodiac Signs


gold, diamonds, rubies.

№ of129

The zodiac sign Aries is afforded the honor of revealing a zodiacal horoscope owing to the vernal equinox. It was precisely in this constellation, when in antiquity the signs of the Zodiac received their names. Energy and tirelessness of the Arieses became legendary. The zodiac colors of the Aries – crimson, red, golden-yellow – fully found their brilliant incarnation in the ring "Aries", full of perfection artisans' work of the House "Lobortas". The piece of art, created with an unsurpassed reading of material and shape, is filled with force and royal power, it brings us into correlation with a reading of not only a secret of the Zodiac, but with art of grand Italian masters of Benvenuto Cellini's times. The abrupt and peremptory geometry of the crown basing on rounded peal of shapes and helices' fascinating magic imitating horns of the Aries charms with the resplendent beauty of gleaming diamonds surrounding the central facet of the ring. Rubies in the ring of Ionic form are shining as blood and vital force. Everything symbolizes joy and the force of the crown-bearing Aries, whose golden fleece became a legend of the ancient world.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin