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Enamel Ring Made ​​of Ebony and Gold

Collection: Top Class


ebony, gold, diamonds, sapphires, tsavorites, enamel.

№ № 615026

He sees the goal – and the one seeking,

And to the starry fellow sends hi,

To vanish into the precious stone...

Signs, charms, talismans... We seek to decipher ancient codes and symbols of being, to regulate our lives with stars – because they are so ancient, that recall and store secrets, which we can only touch... Zodiac gives hope for properness and orderliness of lines of destiny, not defined by us... And we are looking for our features, and we find, and discern, and amaze: how the heavenly pattern can convey somebody's character, influence the choice, to specify the vector... Perhaps, in the same way as a great stone can give hope, increase energy, give force...

Taurus is earthly, stubborn, sensual, rich, strong, status and authoritative mark. It is decent to be glorified in a frame of the most excellent precious stones, a lively and bright "African garnet" tsavorite that gives mental harmony... Dark blue sapphire, multiplying forces and discovering something new, unexplored thing... The clearest shining diamonds, giving certainty... A range of colors of valuable ebon giving eternal love, in contrast to play and shine of stones, will enhance the magic of the Zodiac...

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Photo by Dmitriy Las