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Gold Enamel Diamonds Ring

Collection: Ethnic Patterns


gold, diamonds, enamel.

№ 523

Enamel ring "Arlequin" by the artisans of Lobortas House refers to the image of renowned character of commedia dell'arte, lively and cheerful Harlequin from Bergamo, who often gets into the funny and absurd mess, who brings everyone around to a nonplus with his antics and is always coming off.

In time Harlequin from funny, ridiculous servant transforms into the happy lover and elegant intriguer. He changes patched tatters to elegant leotard with red, green and yellow triangles and rhombuses, and out of undistinguished servant character in commedia dell'arte he became the central personage in the theater, making the viewer cry, laugh and amaze with his striking, unpredictable, but permanent victories.

And then the destiny raised Harlequin even higher – the art of Stravinsky, Meyerhold, Vakhtangov, Tairov turned him into a genuine cult figure of the decadent art in times of modernity. It happened that Harlequin has experienced a time when he amused a venetian viewer in unpretentious sketches, and rose from the character of dell'arte to an exquisitely elegant symbol of modern theater, carnival in Venice.

The Harlequin ring is possibly the best gift for the man, who serves to mankind, exposing the evil and fighting against it. To the wise, omniscient, and the one who wins in any situation owing to sophisticated mind, sense of humor and skill to take non-standard, but the correct decision.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin