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«Imperial Mosaic»

Gold Enamel Diamond Ring

Collection:Ethnic Patterns


gold, diamonds, enamel.

№ 1052

"A beautiful temple, bathing in the world,

And its forty windows are the triumph of the light;

On the peneitives beneath the cupola four

Archangels are the most beautiful of all.

And the wise, spherical building

Will outlive nations and ages,

And the resoundin gsobs of seraphim

Will not warp the dark gilt"

Osip Mandelstam, "Hagia Sophia"

Gold ring "Imperial Mosaic" – "the golden age" of the Byzantine Empire. To this day an ultimate luxury is known as Byzantine in the memory of a time when life of the Roman Empire descendants was astonishing for an accidental traveler by its fabulous splendor of welfare and the rise of applied and especially jewellery art.

The gold ring "Imperial Mosaic" is a jeweled allusion to the luxurious golden mosaics of imperial palaces, the legendary mosaic of Constantinople (Istanbul) Cathedral of St. Sophia. Then, in times of the Macedonian dynasty, a special perfection was reached by technology of hot enameling. Such mastery in respect of technical solution, such purity and brilliance of tones and such intricacies of a picture were reached by the court jewelers, that they had no match. It is Byzantine enamels are still considered to be classic ones.

Hot cloisonne enamel is complex and unique technique. Since the Byzantine times and up to our days it is unmechanizable and remains a piece of art, the exclusive one. Enamels in the ring "Imperial Mosaic" are cured in the noble colors of imperial home. The ring is decorated with diamonds and refined engraving, which only emphasizes the cleanliness and fineness of the picture.

Gold ring "Imperial Mosaic" is a Byzantine luxury of the 21st century.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las