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Gold Diamond Enamel Ring

Collection: Ethnic Patterns


gold, diamonds, enamel.

№ Н-14-07-462

Sparkling laughter, the crystal jingle of bells and enchanting snowdrift whiteness create an inimitable Christmas atmosphere. Here traditional Ukrainian carols exaltedly sound. They carry wishes for wealth and joy from house to house. Twelve dishes have loaded the air with delicious fragrances at the table of each housewife. Both children and adults are happy with their gifts and, of course, takes breath with its taste the queen of the Christmas Eve supper – kutia.

The Magic of the Christmas celebration revived in the work of the same name by the Lobortas Classic Jewellery House, which is excellent to glorify happiness, with which the Ukrainian people will associate the greatest holidays. Engravings in the form of snowflakes, the ingenious execution of which is truly miraculous, give so much light that their similarities with the natural dazzling snow mantle seem to be incredible. And diamonds, as though decorative children's smiles, tell about an entire ocean of fun, consistently brought to life by Christmas.

The happiness, which the Christmas ring gives, has no limits, as the masterpiece have merged age-old traditions of the Ukrainian people and the patterns of marvelous beauty, reviving the memories of the exciting moments of Christmas celebration.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin