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white gold, diamonds.

№ 236

Wedding rings “Yarylo” is an exclusive symbol of eternity and infinity. In the tiny ornament of the rings there are ancient solar symbols and spring flowers. This circle dance has no beginning and no end. It is endless.

Yarylo is a Slavonic god of wild passion, power and joy. He is a quintessence of Eros, Bacchus and Amur. But instead of Amur`s arrows Yarylo uses rays of the sun. He wears a wreath on his head and no shoes on his feet. His character is brave and strong. So will be your love. Even if winter comes, time for the spring god Yarylo will come and all the problems will melt and disappear. Slavonic people believed that a human being is a child of Mother Earth and Yarylo.

Wedding rings “Yarylo” are made of white gold with diamonds. It is a jewel spell of love and prosperity. It will be love that never ends.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin