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One of the most famous symbols is, of course, the famous Star of David, Magen David, a six-pointed star. There are many interpretations of this symbol, and Jewish sages shared one of them.

According to an ancient tradition, Magen David adorns the sukkah – special booth in which people live in the days of the Sukkot. And six vertices of the Star of David correspond to the six "high guests" (ushpizin), visiting the Jewish sukkah in the first six days of Sukkot: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Aaron and Joseph. The seventh guest, King David himself, unites them.

According to Kabbalah, Magen David reflects the seven lower Sephirot. Each of the six triangles and the six- pointed center symbolizes one of the Sephirot: starting clockwise with the upper one, triangles symbolize the Sephirot Tiferet, Hesed, Netzach, Malkuth, Hod and Gevurah with Yesod in the center.

However, regardless of the interpretation of the image, Jewish sages are confident that the Magen David is one of the most powerful amulets against the dark forces. It is not surprising that the Star of David was used at many of the Heraldry stamps in the middle ages and is used in our days.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin