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№ Н-15-09-700/1

gold, diamonds.

№ Н-15-09-700/2

Here the threads of life and fate

Are twisted by a mild pattern

Into the Unity...

Patterned opacity of the engravings is complex and beautiful like quirky intricacies of life that lead us to the Meeting. Here the decor of predefinitions, over which the creator's hands are working, is deeply pressed into the light blur of contingencies. The soft circularities of eternal searches and doubts coexist with the clear geometry of confidence that you have found your special someone. So from now, the two threads, by having twisted into the common sophisticated pattern, will be a single entity involved in the overall decor of emotions, feelings, and aspirations.

The originality and skill, elegance and filigreeing of the handmade engravings that frame the light of diamonds, make a unique and peculiar jewellery miracle out of simple wedding rings. The miracle that fills a life with meaning as the love itself…

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Photo by Dmitriy Las