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Gold Enamel Diamond Wedding Rings

Collection: Wedding Rings

Collection: Ethnic Patterns


gold, diamonds, enamel.

№ 1128

The gold wedding rings of Ethno serve as an exquisite emblem of unity and fidelity. Each ring, an unbroken circle, symbolizes an everlasting bond that unites two hearts in love.

These gold wedding rings encapsulate not just material prosperity but also the purity of love. The time-honored technique of cloisonné jewellery enamel breathes life into the captivating beauty of the ethnic motifs adorning the central part of the rings. Each detail stands as a testament to the age-old traditions and craftsmanship of the Lobortas House’s jewellers. The patterns, accentuated by diamonds that twinkle like stars in the night sky, lend the rings a unique radiance and elegance.

As one’s gaze transitions from the centre to the edges of the rings, engraved patterns meticulously etched onto the surface of the rings come into view. These patterns narrate a tale of dedication and meticulous attention to detail, mirroring the unwavering devotion of those in love.

An engagement signifies more than just the precursor to marriage; it represents a period of mutual growth and understanding. The complex patterns seamlessly intertwined on the surface of the Ethno wedding rings symbolize the spiritual union of the betrothed, underscoring the significance of embarking on a journey of tender passion between two persons bound by an unbreakable circle of love.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin