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«Magen David»

Black Rhodium Wedding Rings

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gold, diamonds, black rhodium.

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The world was created in six days, it was such a period to have been selected by the Most High, who thus informed the chosen peoples that the very structure of the world is connected with the number of “six” (the Oral Torah, which gives a description of the whole world, consists of six sections).

In the Star of David, one triangle is pointed upwards. From one point down to the two lower vertices of the triangle two lines diverge. Many sages believe that this is the idea of the process of Creation. The upper point indicates the Most High and the fact that He is one. However, in the process of Creation, the concepts of opposites were created: left — right, Good and Evil, movement forward and retreat ago...

The tip of the second triangle of the Star of David is directed downwards. From two distant vertices, the lines converge to the one — the bottom, the third one. And this is the idea of the purpose of the existence of man, his first task — to harmoniously combine the concepts of opposites in itself, personified by the lower vertex of the triangle, designated by the first triangle, by the "right" and "left" sides of the created world, good and evil, and to balance them.

Therefore, it resulted in Magen David. In it, there is the recognition of the Creator, the Supreme and the one. Moreover, there is setting the goal of human life – the purpose of Creation.

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