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Enamel Gold Wedding

Collection: Wedding Rings


gold, enamel.

№ 995 ; 994

Grape is one of the most beautiful plants, a wonder of nature that longs for the sun. That is why it is a good example of growing and development for human gender. For the loving couple that decided to marry it is important to know that the bounds will be strong like a grapevine and become stronger with time based on passion, support and understanding.

Grapes is considered to be the symbol of prosperity and hope. What can be better than happy life full of smiles and prosperity? That is why the artists who created the wedding rings “Grapevine” painted a grapevine with juicy berries and leaves on the ring`s surface. the colors are so bright due to precious hot enamel. The amazing rings are a real masterpiece. They promise the married couple that they will be happy.

If their love is true, it will shine and live for ever as the sun. Their family will enjoy the sunlight, long for it and grow like a grapevine.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin