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Enamel Gold Wedding Rings

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gold, enamel.

№ 719

Gold ring “Scale” is a fabulous sparkle on your hand. The Dragon is flying above the clouds, his body is covered with scales, his power is invincible, his look is tempting. Mythological Slavonic dragon is called Ognianik. According to the legend he is not just strong, but also incredibly rich. Besides that he is very attractive to women. Beautiful ladies followed him with a long tempting sight when he was flying and sprinkling the earth with fire sparkles.

The masters of Lobortas Classic Jewellery House colored the dragon`s scales on his tail with parceled enamel and then put it into a special oven. Due to this process the colors of enamel will never fade away. Bright shades of colors and diamond inlay describe beauty of mysterious dragon.

The gold ring “Scales” is a tempered jewel, a piece of the dragon`s treasures.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin