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«Vernal Grass»

Enamel Gold Wedding Rings

Collection: Wedding Rings


gold, enamel.

№ 330

In ancient times vernal grasses symbolized fertility and prosperity. In numerous legends they are described as a symbol of renaissance and new life. Love is the highest level of human existence. This feeling is a blessing.

The jewelers engraved vernal grasses on the rings`surface. These talismans will give you prosperity and will become a sweet memory of your marriage. Vernal grasses painted on the background of pure gold remind of vernal dress of the Virgin Mary. It was often painted by the artists of the Renaissance period who treated vernal grasses as a symbol of true virtue.

The ring s“Vernal Grass” is a sign of love and care about the future family. It will remind you of the union of your souls and be a perfect present to bring you long years of happiness.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin