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«Crosses and Fish»

Enamel Gold Church Wedding Rings

Collection: Wedding Rings


gold, enamel.

№ 341/1

A lot of people think that happiness is a flight to the clouds. Someone think that happiness is simple steps on the earth when you feel its warmness. And only lovers who can read earth other`s thoughts can surely say that: “Happiness is a comfortable place like the sea bottom that is warm, solid, washed by light and sparkling streams of hope.”

Standing at the altar, a couple receives a divine blessing and they promise to each other devotion and care. They are sure that are ready to give each other tenderness and protection. Wedding rings “Crosses and Fish” are a unique piece of art by Lobortas Classic Jewelry House. The masters expressed pure intentions of the married couple, their faith in each other and in God`s blessing.

Creating this masterpiece that was destined to become the symbol of union when two small worlds become one, full of love, peace and happiness, the jewelers expressed unique harmony of sophisticated and modern lines and a classic shape of the ring. Impressing combination of modesty and magnificence is underlined by gifted engravings, expressive colorful enamels and paintings.

The lovers that hold each other`s hands will surely feel the divine blessing. “Crosses and Fish” wedding rings will inspire them by their beauty.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin