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Enamel Diamond Gold Wedding Rings

Collection: Wedding Rings


gold, enamel, diamonds.

№ 762 ; 266/2

Pure intentions and feelings of two lovers will lead them to a wedding ceremony. Everything here gives them hope and light, is filled with a new sense, sincere faith in God`s blessing and protection.

The sacrament of wedding gives eternal life and admiration of each other and wish to be always together. Taking an oath in the face of God the married couple begines a new life. It is pure like a camomile.

Wedding rings “Camomile” look like a blooming field in the sun and speak about love. Charming diamonds are like drops of dew. They are put in the heart of the flower and look very elegant confirming skills and talent of the artists.

In this piece of art we can appreciate magic of guilloché. Like other famous jewelers inspired by it, the masters of Lobortas Classic Jewellery House created this masterpiece due to this complicated technique.

This piece of art will remind you of precious moments of wedding and become the symbol of the most important oath in your life.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin