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«Little Crosses»

Enamel Gold Wedding Rings

Collection: Wedding Rings


gold, enamel.

№ Н-12-09-682

In the shared journey of two hearts intertwined, wedding rings stand as a testament to loyalty, unity, and an everlasting bond. The delicate complexity of the Crosses wedding ring design conceals tales yet to be told, whispered through the shimmer of gold, the spectrum of jewellery enamel hues, and the masterful artistry of the jewellers.

Crosses, crafted in the tradition of classic jewellery enamel, symbolize faith and dedication. They form a vibrant pattern that encircles the rings, bearing witness to the sacred union of two souls. Each cross narrates the couple’s shared spiritual journey and their aspiration to traverse life’s path side by side. The jewellery enamel lends depth to the rings’ narrative, serving as a metaphor for the layers of love, trust, and understanding that accumulate over time, enriching the connection between two beings.

Intricate patterns, etched by the hands of skilled artisans using the engraving technique, waltz along the rings’ edges, adding a tactile dimension to their beauty and a unique elegance.

The words “Save and Protect” are gracefully inscribed on the inner surface of the rings. Infused with serene solemnity, these words serve as a gentle reminder of the unseen force that safeguards the couple, upholds the sanctity of their union, and shields them from the world’s trials and tribulations.

The precious “Crosses” carry a message of profound and enduring love. Through the language of enamel and engraving, the rings narrate a tale of faith, devotion, and the eternal journey of two souls bound by love.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin