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«Pectoral Cross»

Enamel Diamond Gold Wedding Rings

Collection: Wedding Rings


gold, diamonds, enamel.

№ 1109 ; 1110

Two hearts, two destinies and two lives are united forever...A divine union concluded in heaven...

The mystery of wedding in the face of God is a very important event in the life of the couple. This sacred ritual has a deep sense. At this precious moment everything must be appropriate for it and reflect the will of two hearts to become inseparable forever.

Wedding rings that are are very important elements of the ceremony. Choosing jewels of this kind need serious approach because they are not just decorations but symbolize a sacred union of two hearts.

The masters of Lobortas Classic Jewellery House propose to underline beauty and importance of this moment, the ceremony of wedding by the couple of the rings made of fine gold with diamond inlay and decorated with a laconic religion- oriented ornament. Unique handmade wedding rings will become a talisman for the family and keep love forever.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin