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A mystery of a wedding ceremony is much more than just a union of two hearts and destinies. Going to the altar the couple give their souls to heaven filling their union with magnificence of absolute blessing of the Lord.

The wedding rings made by the gifted masters keep traditions of the Byzantine wedding ceremony,one of the most ancient examples of the Christian marriage. The artists payed great attention to preserving true sense of the wedding rings. Amazing volumetric lines that underline artistry of the jewelers breath with a divine blessing. It seems like the whole world becomes alive on the ring`s surface. This world will give years and years of happiness to a married couple.

The diamonds on the rings are the source of eternal shine. Engraving on the inner side of the ring is a real miracle.

This is a real jewelry art of the 21st century that follows sophisticated shapes of Fabergé and spiritual experience of Cartier gemstones.

Lucky people who experienced the miracle of the wedding ceremony will appreciate amazingly beautiful handmade rings and feel joy looking at them as long as their feelings live.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin