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«Gardens of Versailles»

Vorobyevite Diamond Gold Ring

Collection: Top Class


18ct yellow, pink, white gold, a centre stone - morganite 33.44ct, total diamond weight of 0.24ct 56pcs.

№ 615142

Amazingly beautiful ring “Gardens of Versailles” with its dazzling diamond shine of the court of Louis XIV of France, the Sun King of the House of Bourbon. His style has become the symbol of the French art “golden age” of the second half of the XVII century. It was the source of inspiration for the Lobortas Classic Jewellery House. The court of Versailles was the object of envy for almost all the monarchs of that time. Versailles was a center of social life totally influenced by the taste of Louis XIV.

A unique gemstone morganite and its frame make this masterpiece a sweet fairy-tale where the secrets of the royal court are still alive. Modular elements of the ring are moving, engraved and sparkling with diamonds, made of white and yellow gold. Their edges are combined with asymmetrically fixed elements of the center that look like borders of dresses made of airy lace. Static and dynamic elements on the background of gold web are in harmony. They are like a labyrinth of magical music of baroque dances. It is a quintessence of beauty and delight portrayed by artists Alexandre Benois and Konstantin Somov. Shine of the gemstone, its pink splashes resemble fireworks admired by the sophisticated French nobility. All this was put in the ring.

The ring`s source of power is the multi-faced gemstone that has more than one name. Is is commonly called morganite or rose or red emerald In the USA it is also called bixbyite after the mineralogist Maynard Bixby. This gemstone brings joy and spring mood. Morganite is a gemstone of Venus. This is a tantric gemstone that makes love relationships happy. Rose emerald is a gemstone of flirtation. It makes people become close to each other, strengthens friendship and helps to make a good career.

Not just the ring`s performance is great, but also finality of the shape and the spirit which has become a unique feature of the style of the Lobortas Classic Jewellery House. Volumetric shapes of the ring are combined with decorative flat surface and graphic design of the inner space of the composition. Shining noble diamonds look like mall bells of Versailles luxury and kisses around a fanciful lake of a rose emerald. The diamonds melt like the snow in front of the light and look like the shadows of beauty.


Special features of the work:

The unique feature of the ring is a large-sized natural morganite. And a number of elements from the labyrinths of the famous gardens of Versailles served as an artistic image The work is crafted out of the sheet gold, without molding and industrial technologies.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin