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«The Firebird`s Feather»

Ruby Diamond Gold Ring

Collection: Top Class


gold, diamonds, rubies.

№ 615173

The description of the Firebird in different cultures is almost the same. “The air is colored like a rainbow, the feathers and wings have a pure sound and a wonderful flavor...” That is how a magical bird Simurgh is described in the 13th century Arabic treatise. Herodotus wrote: “There is another holy bird, and it is called Phoenix. It looks like an eagle and has golden feathers sometimes with a shade of red.” “An orange bird, an essence of fire”, “its color is easy on the eye, its crest expresses virtues and its language is sincere”. That is how the Chinese described Fenghuang, the lord of the South. Slavic people believed that the Firebird`s feather can easily burn. Each of its feathers burns like a candle and is sharp as a knife. The Firebird shines with blue and crimson light.

People could hardly ever see the magnificent Bird. It could be possible only if there was piece on the earth. Only a brave one who was not afraid of a danger and had goog intensions could see the Firebird. It was called Firebird because the fire symbolizes creativity. It was a perfect creature and the one who saw it even afar off also was blessed. Divine light of the Firebird blesses a man and gave it what his heart wanted: talents, skills, happiness. The man who had been given such a gift also became a source magic light of the bird.

Light of the Firebird has become available due to a unique piece of work by the masters of the Lobortas Classic Jewellery House. An amazing ring “The Firebird`s Feather” follows the traditions of Coco Chanel. This jewel masterpiece has very precise and complicated shapes of the ornaments sprinkled by the gemstones. It looks like a flower with drops of dew on its tiny petals that shine like diamonds. Big sophisticated rubies have frames made of diamonds.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin