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Diamond Sapphire Gold Ring

Collection: Top Class


gold, diamonds, sapphires.

№ 667526

At the ends of the earth

That borders on eternity

Ice of the Arctic

Keeps its secrets...

Huge mountains of ice appear at the horizon. Their shine is as cold as The Arctic Ocean. Their light is magnificent, beautiful and mysterious as the aurora. The horizon borders on eternity and brings the memories of the the Snow Queen`s palace.

Transparent geometry of the ring creates a special world. There is a kingdom of diamond splashes and transparent deepness of precious corundum: Is is a gemstone that tranquillizes passion and opens new perspectives and horizons of knowledge.

You can admire picturesque polar views at the ends of the earth through the magical faces of the gemstones. You can stare in mute admiration looking at unique tops of the world that resemble sparkling diamonds.

You can also become the owner of this jewel masterpiece. It is the essence of dreams of the unknown lands and ice cold waters of the Arctic, of movements of the planets that resemble moving gemstones of the ring.

The masters have put in this ring what was given by nature due to gold, magnetic sapphires and diamonds.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin