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Diamond Gold Ring

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gold, diamonds.

№ 667517

A lot of dreamers want to reach the sky. Sometimes a dream becomes a guiding star that lights the way to the goal. The dream may turn into a business of your life. Aspiration for for the clouds has always been the best motivation for active thinking. Of course infinity of the sky was portrayed in various pieces of art.

Strong and determined people are always looking for the ways to develop their skills. That is why a lot of wonderful inventions appeared. Their nature is mysterious like the sky.

The artist who created “Zeppelin” from gold and diamonds did not just feel the air but also a soul of a man who wanted to reach the sky. Firm lines that resemble a flying machine confirm that the stars always smile to the one who wants to fly.

Small transparent drops of diamonds on the ring`s bezel look like stars and planets and are also smiling. They will tell their owner about infinity and beauty of the sky. Light shine of the gemstones is like rays of the sun that give the feeling of flight. When the soul is flying every moment becomes a new dazzling star.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin