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A lot of research workers consider that origin of the word “genesis” is the name of the Bible`s “Book of Genesis”. (Old Greek Γένεσις - genesis, origin).

Gold ring ‘Genesis” is a birth of a Star. The whirlpools of the wind erase the virgin clouds and then the new Universe comes into existence from the chaos in accordance with the will of the Creator. This one may become a guiding star for someone and be placed on someone`s finger.

Real natural diamonds is a song of sincerity, man`s majesty and a woman`s exceptionality.

Decoration of this kind is a special gift for a woman to congratulate: on a declaration of love, a child`s birthdays or any other exceptional day. With time it will become a family relic. Diamond ТOP-class jewel decorations is a link between the present and the future. It it light that will shine for the coming generations.

The jewels as well as the stars do not appear by accident. Every gemstone here has its own love story. A love affair can end quickly, but relationships with a diamond will last for more than one life.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin