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Enamel Ring

Collection: The World Around Us


silver, diamonds, enamel.

№ Н-17-10-523

Imbued with profound sentiments and mythical echoes, the exquisite “Cupids” ring, adorned with intricate depictions of cherubs and radiant suns, encrusted with scintillating diamonds, is a lapidary ode to love, passion, and celestial grandeur.

Upon initial observation, the ring captivates with its luminous allure. Crafted with the technique of traditional jewellery enamel with ethereal finesse, the miniature portrayals of cherubs, with their rosy cheeks, fluttering wings, and impish smiles, radiate an aura of innocence and mirth, conjuring visions of love’s sweet enchantment. They are ensconced within beams of golden light that emanate from the resplendent suns, serving as emblems of passion and vitality.

Diamonds, in the midst of this celestial spectacle, glisten with dazzling brilliance and unparalleled beauty. Each diamond metamorphoses the light, mirroring the myriad facets of love itself – sublime, radiant, and infinitely bewitching.

The precious Cupids ring stands as a testament to eternal love, passion, and heavenly beauty, encapsulating the quintessence of romance in its purest form. It possesses the power to inspire, beguile, and unite hearts.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las