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Gold Enamel Diamond Ring

Collection:The World Around Us


gold, diamonds, enamel.

№ Н-14-07-454

Breathing with fire,

In ornamental fields

Golden like the sun

There is a sunflower...

Colors and flowers may have symbolic meanings: yellow and blue is a combinational of ethnic ornaments, colors of the natinal flag. They sparkle with sunny joy and life. They are common for us, we feel comfortable with them. Our memory melts with all those lively nuances of native colors.

Firm geometric structure of these archetypal patterns is in harmony with tiny enamel technique. Nuances and shades are perfect as well as engraving and sophisticated diamonds. There is an ancient art combined with complicated modern techniques of contemporary art, artistic concepts inspires and gives birth to new images that can be recognized in every shade.

The sunflower opened for the sun is a symbol of divine grace. The petals that long for the sun, for the kindness and peace look like a crown of the flower on the green fields breathing with heat under pure blue sky. The flower breathing with golden fire is engraved in a handmade ornament of this unique little ring that was created according to the laws of jewellery art.

This is an eternal symbol of a circle. It is like the sun that rises on the horizon, new and common at the same time. It is like a flower which can be found in ethnic patterns and ornaments. This ring makes a circle over your finger, a mysterious sign of affiliation with love, creativity and art.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las