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«At the Origins of Time»

Sapphire Diamond Gold Ring

Collection: Pret-a-Porter


gold, diamonds, blue sapphire.

№ H-13-11-697/2

In the world that runs forward very fast like water in a mountain river there is a mystery. A mystery is attractive for everyone. It looks like a small stone od a perfect shape in pure blue water of a river.

This mystery is a source of time. It is hidden behind the curtain of centuries. But it can be opened for someone who thirsty for knowledge.

Time is the beginning of everything. It is precious experience of our ancestors kept for us in order to create better future. This mystery has inspired the masters to create a ring that symbolizes the sources of time.

Elegant blue sapphire is a symbol of wisdom. It lies upon the drops of gmstones. Every drop is a period of time that has put an impact on human history. Every of them underlines and multiplies sapphire`s shine.

Wise and powerful people know that the mysteries of the world`s creation and existence are very important. The ability to appreciate this precious experience can help to achieve a lot of aims. This is what the ring “At the Origins of Time” reminds us of.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin