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Gold Ring

Collection: Pret-a-Porte



№ Н-19-03-228/1

The Universe is a ring of gold pirouetting on the brink of cosmic reveries. The luminosity of gold unveils itself akin to the stardust of a nascent star. Its form embodies the quintessence of perpetuity – an impeccable loop mirroring the boundless cosmos.

Threads of gold, tenderly interlaced around this celestial band, trace a path akin to the trajectory of planets in the outer space. This serpentine dance mirrors the essence of cosmic orbits, a celestial ballet executed with divine precision.

Golden orbs, minute replicas of planets, are suspended in a cosmic ballet, radiating with the brilliance of ineffable enigmas – a microcosm cradled in the palm of the Universe itself. Each contour of the ring whispers tales of cosmic murmurs and galactic secrets.

The ring of the Universe encapsulates the magnificence of all existence. Its golden embrace is a reminder of the eternal dance of celestial bodies, enveloping the bearer with the enigmatic allure of the outer reaches. As a symbolic masterpiece, this ring entices you to voyage through the cosmos, deciphering the mysteries of the universe etched in its golden design.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin