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Gold Diamond Ring



gold, diamonds.

№ Н-21-04-165

The gold ring of Dynamicity, a resplendent masterpiece of the jeweller’s craft, captivates with its complex design, a harmonious marriage of gold’s opulence and the scintillating brilliance of diamonds. In crafting this ring, the artisans at Lobortas drew inspiration from the philosophy of Suprematism in pursuit of an artistic expression that directly imparts spiritual and emotional resonance transcending the confines of representation and figurativeness. The geometric forms of the ring and their arrangement elicit a response that surpasses cultural and linguistic barriers.

The dynamic interplay of golden circles weaves a visual symphony that transcends the conventional boundaries of lapidary design, forming a harmonious composition that conjures an illusion of movement and fluidity. The dynamism of the shapes imbues the ring with a sense of spontaneity, akin to a dance suspended in time, augmenting the depth of the overall aesthetics, and transforming the ring into a spectacle in itself.

Complementing a spectrum of circumference sizes, diamonds serve as luminescent highlights, amplifying the overall radiance of the piece and introducing an element of contrast with the warm hues of gold. The interplay between the fiery brilliance of diamonds and the glow of gold heightens the overall visual impact, drawing the eye and eliciting admiration for the exquisite ring.

In its radiant ballet of golden forms and diamonds, the gold ring of Dynamicity is an adornment that extols the allure of artistic expression in jewellery.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las