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Gold Diamond Emerald Ring

Collection: Pret-a-Porter


gold, diamonds, emerald.

№ Н-21-01-029

Human civilization has a lot of knowledge about the origin of terrestrial and universal energy. Since ancient times it is well known that one of the most powerful energy structures is a pyramid. It is believed that its secrets were held by the Atlanteans, the inhabitants of the most mysterious and unique civilization, mentioned in ancient writings, which would indicate that the architecture in the style of the pyramid, was invented precisely on this mythical island-state.

The crystal of the emerald, cut in the shape of a pyramid, has the ability to collect and conserve energy. It is no accident that the mystics feel the crystal of the emerald, influencing space and time, which is one of the greatest mysteries of the world, to be stored at the foot of the sacred mountain Kailas (Kailāśā Parvata) in Tibet. Probably, ancient Atlantis conceals the secret of such a magic crystal. You can only guess or add myths about this. But it is also true that modern physics and science as a whole established the fact of the pyramid-shaped crystals to have a special energy force long time ago.

In the Mystery of Atlantis ring the effect of the pyramid is double, as the pyramidal emerald is inside of the air pyramid formed by the external architecture of the ring.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin