«Haute Couture»

Ebony Carborundum Diamond Gold Ring

Collection: Pret-a-Porter


gold, diamonds, carborundum, ebony.

№ Н-17-05-257

In the middle of the XIX century, when the first salons and couturiers began to appear along with the milliners, the concept of "haute couture" was born and changed the world of High Fashion forever. Dior and Chanel, Versace and Gauthier, Lacroix and Yves Saint Laurent, all these and other iconic names that please the heart and fantasy of every lady, carrying the highest beauty, style, quality and of course the status.

To show off in society with a new gorgeous handbag from a famous designer is a pleasure and refined habit of the most demanding fashionistas. As well as top fashion designers, contemporary jewelers and artists created a ring worthy of the title of Haute Couture like the perfect handbag.

On a black ebony pedestal, the beauty of the composition of gold and diamonds glittering like a flash of photographers on the prestigious red carpet is towering by intertwining with fine lines, and extraordinary carborundum simply supplements exclusive jewelry pieces as if an expensive attribute has just showed up in a half-open lady’s accessory. To be the first one on a fashionable Olympus with the ring of Haute Couture is easy and pleasant, and most importantly your perfect sense of style will appreciate those surrounding you!

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Photo by Vladislav Filin