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«Tea Ceremony»

Diamond Ruby Gold Ring

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gold, diamonds, rubies.

№ OF373

Japanese people say that the tea ceremony is art of Emptiness and Peace.

The central idea of the tea ceremony is simplicity and naturalness. The main principles of the Japanese traditional tea ceremony are: harmony (和 wa), respect (敬 kei), purity (清 sei), and tranquility (寂 jaku). In ancient times a special building was used for tea ceremonies. It was called a tea house and was usually placed in a garden with a trace paved with stones. Conversations during the tea ceremony were calm and peaceful. It helped to forget about the routine and feel beauty and perfection of the world. “Tea is calm and so are the thoughts.”

The artists and masters of the Lobortas Classic Jewellery House used the principle of sophisticated beauty in the unique ring “Tea Ceremony”.

The tea ceremony has always aimed to make one see the instead of bright and kitschy things simple and hidden beauty of silent sounds and pastel colors. The simplicity and elegance of the ring “Tea Ceremony” make a composition that resembles an ancient and wise tea ceremony. All the details are of simple shape and are bound with the same principle: tea ceremony is an invitation to stop and have a look at your world around and inside you. The Japanese believe that participation in the tea ceremony is like a touch of blessing.

You can hear due drops falling...
Someone lives in harmony with silence.
You can see the smoke...
And tea is being made...

Find a place for the calm and peaceful “Tea Ceremony” in your life.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin