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«Hali Gali»

Diamond Gold Ring

Collection: Pret-a-Porte


gold, diamonds.

“People usually underestimate smells. But they are the best way to bring back memories.”

Erin Morgenschtern, “The Night Circus”.

Gold ring ‘Hali Gali”is a smell of baked caramel, cotton candy and memories of childhood.

Luna Park always comes unexpectedly. Of course, there were colorful posters announcements before and the town was waiting for it. But every time when the tents started to be installed it was an amazing unexpected experience.

Gold ring “Hali Gali”is a precious illusion,a fairytale, an another magic world. Luna Parks of our childhood had been decorated by bright and colorful tinsel that turned into diamond memories.

Gold ring “Hali Gali” is musical and atmospheric. This jewel masterpiece by the Lobortas Classic Jewellery House was inspired by childhood and fairytales that always stay with us.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin