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«The Princess»

Diamond Gold Ring

Collection: Pret-a-Porte


gold, diamonds.

№ 753746

Clear light lits the chamber of the princess. Rays of light reflect in her diadem made of gold and caress her hair.

Her diadem is a precious one that is also an ancient talisman. The ornaments on it have special meaning. They protect from darkness and give power.

The ornaments of the diadem keep wisdom of ancestors and their geometry is very symbolic. Rhombuses put the space in order protecting it from the evil. They show directions of light. Hearth and home symbolize reliability and the heritage of your land. The cyclical nature of the ornaments refers to repeated processes in nature, eternal cycles of the Universe.

In the heart of the composition there is the Star of Bethlehem that lights the renewed world. It shines with gorgeous diamonds and is a top of this masterpiece. It gives blessing and light.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin