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Silver Diamond Cubic Zirkonia Ring

Collection: Men's Rings


silver, CVD diamonds, green cubic zirconia.

№ Н-22-02-135

The “Legend”, a men’s ring of precious distinction, stands as an unblemished testament to aesthetic refinement and nuanced symbolism. This masterpiece, with its allure, captivates the discerning eye of true connoisseurs. Its central stone, a vibrant green, evokes the verdant landscapes of emerald valleys. This stone not only enchants with its radiant hue but also serves as a poignant metaphor, resonating with the values held dear by its wearer.

In the epoch of the Renaissance, the use of precious stones in rings began to flourish. However, it was the “posie rings” – precious bands adorned with engravings – that gained particular popularity. Their name, derived from the French word “poésie” meaning “poem”, reflects their poetic nature. The engravings, often a winged phrase, a declaration of love, or words from the Holy Scriptures, invite the observer on a journey across the ring’s surface. As one traverses this path, they encounter patterns of exquisite craftsmanship. The subtlest intricacies reveal a narrative of timeless elegance, as if the ring itself is the canvas upon which the tale is painted.

The stylized screw caps, a thoughtful touch by the artists and jewellers, carry a dual significance. They symbolize both the practical aspects of craftsmanship and the metaphorical idea that enduring values are as steadfast and securely fixed as a well-tightened screw.

The pattern gracing the ring assumes an almost industrial character, yet retains an artistic flair. The stylized elements pay tribute to the precision of mechanics and the human touch that metamorphoses the raw into the exquisite.

The Legend Ring narrates a tale of values, growth, and the indomitable spirit.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin