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«Moment of Courage»

Diamond Sapphire Jacinth Ring

Collection: Men's Rings


gold, black diamonds, orange sapphires, terracotta sapphires, jacinth.

№ 753808

Human life – many moments, linked together with the threads of the worldview, perception and sensation. Each moment is priceless in its own way. Many of them have an indispensable experience, and it depends only on man, whether this experience will transform into success or not. Sequence of moments has been often variable, as well as the sun glare on the surface of clean water. And only a decent man can see within the diversity of solar reflections a unity of light and a sanctum sanctorum of life opportunities.

When a person is confident in his actions and plans, only then numerous moments lead to achievements. Spontaneous courage is one of the components of an absolute success in all endeavors. Artists that have created the ring "Moment of Courage", breathed the force in it, capable of inspiring, giving a gift to the owner confirming the right direction he chose.

Jacinth, reflecting the glow of black diamonds, orange and brick red sapphires, symbolizing the unity of diverse moments, which was intended to be referred to as life success. When the separate glares of the achievement variety coalesce into a unity, it is guaranteed that this glow will flatter even the magnificent gold.

The ring "Moment of Courage" will inspire the owner to successful steps and decisions as much as he wants. As the infinity of absolutely right plans, desires and endeavors is ahead. And their success is always predetermined with the delightful moment of courage.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las