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«Talisman of Time»

Carat Cabochon Emerald Gold Ring

Collection: Men's Rings


gold, lignite, rectangular emerald cabochon.

№ Н-13-10-586

Men started wearing rings as accessories to underline their special position in their families or society.

Men`s ring “Talisman of Time” follows the first men`s accessories of special sacral meaning. Following the style of New Kingdom of Egypt, it symbolizes the Pharaoh`s absolute power. Like all the jewels of that time, the ring is firm and has a clear and simple shape. In this kind of jewellery the stress is put on big and distinctive elements, the colors are deep and natural, gemstones and semi-precious stones are combined with gold.

Classic combinations of green and black colors with gold of an emerald and jet are not just a canon of Ancient Egyptian art. This ring is a quintessence of royal power. The central gemstone of the ring is the emerald. It has a special sacral meaning in Ancient Egypt. It helped to gain wisdom, a strong spirit and cold blood. The ring with such a gemstone was not just an accessory but became a talisman. Jet at both sides of the central gemstone can protect its owner from a negative influence and according to a belief brngs the power of the ancient world. Besides that this gemstone is a symbol of a family, a bond between generations.

This exclusive ring of an unusual shape, composition and symbolic meaning is not just a distinguishing element of a modern successful man. It is a real talisman of time for a real lord of his own destiny and a protector of his family.

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