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Carat Black Diamond Gold Ring

Collection: Men's Rings


gold, diamonds, black diamonds, central black diamond.

№ Н-12-08-636

There is a tower in Paris

It shines with thousands of lights,

It is a masterpiece of Eiffel.

A jewel shines with diamonds

Like this tower...

The unique masterpiece of architecture located in the capital of love looks like an open-work ornament. The masterpiece of great Eiffel penetrates the sky with its sharp top. It shines with thousands of lights and splashes of sparkles. The tower illuminates the city of Paris by diamond shine and smells like freedom and spring. It looks like metal lace. It is tiny, gorgeous and sophisticated. All the world is at its feet.

The reflection of unique black diamonds give this hand-made exclusive ring a charm of true jewellery art. It will give its energy and attract inspiration like the top of the tower that has become a symbol of modernity and creativity.

This tower made the name of its creator immortal. In the heart of the composition there is a mysterious carbonado, a unique black diamond that shines like millions of crystals.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las