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Smoky Quartz Moissanite Diamond Gold Ring

Collection: Lux Class


gold, smoky quartz, moissanite, diamonds.

№ Н-20-03-126

Like a veil of transparent silk, playing with light and shadows, an elegant Fleur danced in the wind. It rose up and opened to the world with eternal gold, dazzling with diamond sparks, as a symbol of perfection and love.

Echoing its rhythm, rauchtopaz and moissanite fused and became one. They shone in harmony, reflecting the sun. They changed, adorned, and spread colors into spectra. They transformed with a magical world, exquisite outfits, elegant jewelry style, emphasizing the grace and beauty of the figure.

The precious Fleur ring is an accessory that has the unique beauty and tenderness of silk. It gives a feeling of lightness, creating different shades and effects. Resplendent with fiery moissanite, surrounding the world with an infinitely perfect rauchtopaz, shimmering with the light of diamonds, it flaunts on the hand in a gold frame.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin