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«Elixir of the Gods»

Ruby Diamond Gold Ring

Collection: Lux Class


gold, rubies, diamonds, central ruby.

№ 753750

The power that enables woman to open her heart for beauty, fly to the clouds of happiness and breath deeply is the most precious gift. To stretch the wings and fly you can feel yourself free. Freedom is the greatest gift of the Universe and always find the one who longs for it.

The woman who is free like the wind is the source of energy. The source of true beauty is also precious. It is inexhaustible because beauty that feeds the soul and pleases the eyes can turn into the elixir of the gods. This drink is exceptional.

The drink of the gods can make a woman happy so that the world will admire her. The woman who is looking for love also finds success.

The ring “Elixir of the Gods” combines a sophisticated taste and tiny charm of precious shine. The energy of a seductive ruby is reflected in every gemstone of the ring and graceful lines of gold. The power that comes from this piece of art is a divine elixir that brings freedom and success.

Only a free woman can be self-confident.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las