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Pearl Diamond Pink Sapphire Ring

Collection: Lux Class


gold, diamonds, pearl, pink sapphire.

№ 615043

Shades of dreams, a palette of feelings,

Colors and feelings, magic of stones

All this is just threads in a tiny spiderweb...

We weave the threads of our life by ourselves. Enchanted by love, loosing our traces, feelings and mistakes we watch the world through a magic piece of glass, tiny spiderweb weaved of hopes and disappointments... How can we place the mystery of the soul in gemstones? Will it be possible to explain confusion of feelings using colors? In shine of fanciful colors, shades of pearls, pure beautiful sapphires, sparkles of noble metals...All that will twist around one big pearl of destiny.

Beautiful and moving motif will tell the soul about feelings that will live in this tiny ring. This piece of art made by the Master is worth to be appreciated and given to the one whose heart belongs to you. We live to love, create and enjoy Tiny threads of relationship, emotions, feelings, light fanciful spiderwebs weaved by magical jewellery artists.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las