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Pearl Diamond Gold Ring

Collection: Lux Class


gold, diamonds, pearl.

№ 510779

The legend of Ancient Greece become alive in a masterpiece of great artists and jewelers who created an amazing ring. It was named after one of the most beautiful nymphs, Calypso. Tiny plaited gold looks like a grapevine at the entrance of the nymph`s house. It brings the feeling of an ancient island, a shelter for Odysseus. Diamonds are embraced by gold. It looks like violet flowers, favourite flowers of Calypso. A big pearl burns with temptation of a sea wave and with silence of solitude. It resembles a sigh of a woman.

Calypso is a rescuer. She is modest and firm. She is tender and self-confident. All the characteristics of a goddess can be found in a piece of jewellery art. There is love that brings memories of a beautiful nymph, of her breath and care. This ring will remind its mistress that she is perfect.

A woman who can appreciate this amazing piece of art knows what love is and how to be loved. This is a feature of charming Calypso.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las